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We will research, create and execute a content marketing strategy for 6-9 months that'll help you reach the highest rank. Our team will provide you with action plans to make this goal achievable
We make an individual plan for the promotion of the project in order to reach the top of foreign markets. List of specific SEO, PPC and SMM assignments for 6-9 months with examples and technical tasks based on the analysis of the market, product and your competitors will be provided
How Is Everything Going?
We work with you to accelerate your company’s growth
Identify the target audience
1. Deep Dive Into the Subject
We use industry research to understand what your customers are looking for
And analyze how your product can stand out in the market
We deeply study your product, market, customers, and competitors to find out what your audience is looking for and what your rivals offer
We find all your strong competitors in the industry with large share of traffic
2. Analyze Competitors
Then we study sites that have expanded significantly over the past year and have grown faster than others
Get a new perspective on your competitors by learning more about their strategies
We collect semantics using your competitors, forums and keyword research. Our strategists use this data to develop engaging and on-brand content, identify distribution channels and formats to drive results
3. Build the Semantic Core
Gain the understanding of informational and commercial demand in your market to accurately conduct the funnel analysis
Step by step, we optimize every page for maximum effectiveness to turn your site into a lead magnet
4. Page Structure for Better SEO
We determine the best pages structure to help you rank higher than your competitors and increase conversions
We choose low-competitive keyword clusters to bring more qualified traffic to your website
5. Create a Content-plan
Each content plan will include our recommendations to produce high-quality articles that will engage your audience and build your reputation
The implementation of our development strategy will transform your blog into a source of new demos and trials
We monitor your weekly keyword rankings for each cluster, and keep you updated
6. Position Tracking
You'll have a single tool of management over your SEO activities and necessary optimizations to drive more leads
We find relevant and authoritative websites to reach out to, and provide a list of topics for them with detailed task briefs
7. External Platforms
Receive an outreach marketing plan, which will enhance the effect of the site's internal optimization
We comb through all of the best product directories and aggregators in your niche, as well as thematic blogs and magazines where your product can be promoted
8. List of Top Distribution Channels
You'll get a plan with one of the fastest strategies to attract new qualified leads
We create a website development brief with all the requirements for future effective growth, including the structure of the main pages
9. Full Website Audit
Our team conduct a professional SEO audit
to help identify and solve problems that could be holding your site back from the highest ranking

We provide you with specific plans to improve your website that'll help your brand attract organic leads, drive traffic, and increase sales
We select priority directions and provide clear, actionable list of recommendations and timelines to improve your product
10. Develop a Roadmap

You'll be given defined actions to achieve your goals, with no unnecessary or ambiguous steps
Last but not least, we conduct extensive primary and secondary research in your niche to accurately forecast traffic and lead generation
11. Traffic Forecasting
We'll help you maximize your future opportunities and develop an impactful SEO marketing strategy that drives revenue growth

What's it for?
Forecasted Traffic and Leads
Get the understanding of the market, your competitors and build a predictable stream of new leads
Strategic Planning
You will distribute tasks within the team using a plan. Detailed guidelines and examples will assist your employees, and you will be able to monitor and control their execution
Evaluation of the Resources
When you have a complete understanding of the situation, you will be able to choose which experts to hire and what budget you'll need for content strategy, outreach marketing and advertising

SaaS Growth Strategy

Individual SEO strategy to reach the highest rank. A list of specific tasks with examples that are brief and to the point
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