How We Applied the Experience of Growing English-Language Projects to the German Market

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How We Applied the Experience of Growing English-Language Projects to the German Market
Beginning of the Journey
We were already promoting our educational English project at the time the German website was launched. After carefully studying this niche, we discovered the great potential in Germany and developed a comprehensive strategy for our new project.

Our Goals
The majority of our competitors weren't investing enough in SEO and advertising. Furthermore, blog articles were brief and uninformative. We decided to take an advantage of this opportunity and extend a helping hand to teachers by posting:

  • Educational product reviews;
  • Lesson and classroom organization ideas;
  • Advices on integrating technology in the classroom.

Step 1: Hypothesis Testing
Hypothesis: Create a niche blog for teachers in Germany based on our experience with other projects, and monetize it through affiliate programs and contextual advertising.

We combine qualitative and quantitative data to develop an impactful content plan for informational queries. Based on our research we chose low-competitive keywords to attract the first organic leads.

We did an extensive keyword research to assess and prioritize the SEO opportunities and started building topical authority with content clusters in relevant key areas.
A strategy for the first part of articles. The more sites with an Ahrefs rank higher than 1M in the top - the key is less competitive.
Authors were chosen from native speakers with teaching experience. Together with the authors, we brought the articles to perfection, identifying and removing all blind spots and gaps that've been overlooked. Our goal was to create a solid content plan that resonates with the audience and outranks rivals. Our team produced high-quality articles with optimized headings, titles, tags and custom images.

Stage 2: A Way To Go
This is where our unforgettable adventure into the world of SEO in German began:) There were only a few visitors at first, and the site was growing slowly. But we were patient, and our persistence paid off.

After passing the bar of 100 daily visitors:
  • We developed a content plan for product reviews and informational articles;
  • Updated articles after carefully analyzing relevant keywords using Google Search Console.

We used two main resources:
  • Google AdSense;
  • Amazon Associates program.

Similarly to the English-language project:
  • We partnered with exceptional blogs to land guest posts with links to our site;
  • Created several Round-Up articles using Brian Dean’s «SEO That Works» technique;
  • We promoted our content on niche websites;
  • Created and promoted social media accounts to raise brand awareness and sign partnerships with other platforms.
Organic search analysis from Google Analytics
Step 3: New Hypothesis
We received the first organic traffic and started to test our monetization model with reduced cost of content. For that purpose our team collected relevant articles from English-language platforms and translated them using online-translator.

In 2022, we intend to scale the project up to 4 times. By December 31, we will publish 200 articles to build a new stream of leads, customers, and revenues from informative clusters.
Final Results
After one year of work, the site reached 350+ daily visitors and we published 50 high-quality articles on the site that attract organic traffic on their own.

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