How We Created Online Magazine, Tested 4 Niches Within One Site, Increased Organic Traffic x7 and Sold This Project to Foreign Investors

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How We Created Online Magazine, Tested 4 Niches Within One Site, Increased Organic Traffic x7 and Sold This Project to Foreign Investors

Beginning of the Journey
In 2017 we found several interesting niches and decided to test it within one site to find the most effective and profitable and avoid inflating the budget and time for promotion. During 2 years we received enough traffic and qualified leads in each niche and found the most successful monetization model.

Our Goals
We chose the direction of home recording studio and created a roadmap to get the most impact in the shortest amount of time. Our team did an extensive research and found sub-niches that were as free of competitors as possible but received a lot of traffic:

  • how to choose the best home recording equipment;
  • home studio set up tips;
  • home studio software guides;
  • courses to get started in music production.

Stage 1: Changing the Niche, 4 months
Hypothesis: Quickly reorient the site to new niche and get a rapid increase in organic traffic due to the existing link equity and domain age.

We combine qualitative and quantitative data to develop an impactful content plan for informational queries. Based on our research we chose low-competitive keywords to attract the first organic leads.

All authors meet our minimum quality standards:
  • US-native only, with a catchy writing style (writers were accepted by our proofreader);
  • Had experience in this field: sound engineers, audio engineers, voice actors, musicians;
  • Have examples of articles in informational and in-depth format, as well as product reviews;
  • Author is ready to work on a permanent basis and accept our requirements for assignments;
  • Reasonable price for 1000 words.

Together with the authors, we brought the articles to perfection, identifying and removing all blind spots and gaps that've been overlooked. Our goal was to create a solid content plan that resonates with the audience and outranks rivals. Our team produced high-quality articles with optimized headings, titles, tags and custom images.
Part of the content plan for a month: info-articles
Stage 2. Intensive Content Release, 11 months
Through detailed keyword research and content planning all new articles were ranking in the TOP-10 and we decided to develop this project further.

  • We developed a new content plan for product reviews and informational articles with a focus on medium and high competition topics since the project had already shown growth;
  • Updated existing articles after keyword analysis from Search Console.

  • Had collaborations with online stores to sell their items on our site;
  • Signed agreements with SaaS-companies to promote their products on the site. Worked with Camtasia, Bluehost, Grammarly, Coursera, Udemy, Typeform, ThinkWave and Wrike.

  • We promoted our content on niche websites;
  • Created several Round-Up articles using Brian Dean’s «SEO That Works» technique and earned quality links from .edu and .gov sites;
  • We partnered with exceptional blogs to land guest posts with links to our site;
  • Created and promoted LinkedIn and Twitter accounts to raise brand awareness and sign partnerships with other platforms.

Technical optimization
  • We moved project to the fast template;
  • Transferred the project to VPS hosting;
  • And configured cache settings.

The Google Page Speed test results moved into the green zone, page load speed improved and the bounce rate decreased by 20%.

Screenshot from Ahrefs: referring domains
Stage 3: Selling the Project, 3 months
After 1.5 years the site reached 150.000 monthly visitors and a four-figure income. Perfect time to sell :)

  • We decided to sell the project through the overseas broker Empire Flippers;
  • Prepared a 48-article content plan for the new owners;
  • Came up with the 3 new strategies for the project development.
Ahrefs profile, 58.1% of traffic from the U.S.
Final Results
The project showed excellent growth, and was well diversified both by sources of income and by directions of development. We quickly sold the site to an agency from the USA looking for a strong project for investment.

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