How We Developed an Educational Online Magazine, Increased Traffic to 93,000 Users and Sold the Project to an American Agency

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How We Developed an Educational Online Journal in Two Years, Increased Traffic to 93,000 Users and Sold the Project to an American Agency
Beginning of the Journey
Working on projects in related niches, we published several articles on educational topics and received positive feedback from users and high ranking on Google. We ended up creating a blog for elementary and middle school teachers.

What We Were Focusing on
The majority of our competitors weren't investing enough in SEO and this represented a great opportunity that we could take advantage of. We decided to focus on the unpopular directions in this niche:

  1. Educational product reviews;
  2. Lesson and classroom organization ideas;
  3. Advanced training programs and courses for teachers.

Stage 1: Hypothesis Testing, 6 months
Hypothesis: Create a niche blog for teachers interested in using modern technology in their classrooms, and then sell products to them.

We combine qualitative and quantitative data to develop an impactful content plan for informational queries. Based on our research we chose low-competitive keywords to attract the first organic leads. That’s how we quickly received traffic, which gave us the opportunity to work diligently on external promotion.

All authors meet our minimum quality standards:
  • US-native only, with a catchy writing style (writers were accepted by our proofreader);
  • Had teaching experience: educators, school methodologists and psychologists;
  • Provided us with examples of articles in informational and in-depth format, as well as product reviews;
  • Author should be ready to work on a permanent basis and accept our requirements for tasks;
  • Reasonable price for 1000 words.

Together with the authors, we brought the articles to perfection, identifying and removing all blind spots and gaps that've been overlooked. Our goal was to create a solid content plan that resonates with the audience and outranks rivals. Our team produced high-quality articles with optimized headings, titles, tags and custom images.
A piece of content strategy at the initial stage
Stage 2: Active Content Release, 12 months
After six months, the site reached 300 monthly visitors and first customers, so we decided to keep developing the project.

  • Devised a content strategy for product reviews;
  • Created a new content plan for informational articles with a focus on medium and high competitive keywords since the project had already shown growth;
  • Updated existing articles.

We had collaborations with various online platforms to promote their products on our website.

  • We partnered with exceptional blogs to land guest posts with links to our site;
  • Created several Round-Up articles using Brian Dean’s «SEO That Works» technique and earned quality links;
  • We promoted our content on teachers’ blogs;
  • Created and promoted social media accounts to raise brand awareness and sign partnerships with other platforms.

Technical optimization
  • Moved project to fast template;
  • Transferred the project to VPS;
  • Customize caching settings.
The Google Page Speed test results moved into the green zone, page load time halved and the bounce rate decreased by 20%.
Organic search analysis from Google Analytics
Stage 3: Selling the Project, 6 months
After 1.5 years, the project had 100.000 visitors per month and a five-figure income in dollars. The perfect time to sell ;)

  • We decided to sell the project through the overseas broker Empire Flippers;
  • We prepared a 48-article content plan for the new owners;
  • Came up with the ideas of 3 new directions for the project development.
After several calls with potential buyers from all over the world, we quickly sold the site to an advertising agency from the United States.
Ahrefs profile, 80% of traffic from the USA, 7% - CA, UK, AU
Final Results
We reached 3.000+ daily visitors on the new domain in 1.5 years through careful keyword research and white hat practices. About 100 articles were published and 50+ high-quality links were built and received.

The project proved to be a liquid asset because of the well-developed semantics, unique content marketing and promotion, as well as the long-term winning SEO strategy that drives revenue growth.

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