How We Created a Music Blog and Increased Traffic To 15,000 Visitors in the French Market With Link Building & Affiliate Programs

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How We Created a Music Blog and Increased Traffic To 15,000 Visitors in the French Market With Link Building & Affiliate Programs
Beginning of the Journey
Diversification of investments is one of the most important rules of financial well-being, so based on our successful experience with projects in the United States we decided to create musical blogs for French and German markets as well.

What We Were Focusing On/Our goals

Firstly, we did an extensive research and discovered that search volumes in this market are relatively low and we should take advantage of this opportunity. We started our plan of action by closely analyzing niche, competitors and keywords. Our team devised this plan to create content that ranks, attracts and drives results:

  • Publish musical instrument reviews;
  • Post about free music production software;
  • Studio troubleshooting tips.

Stage 1: Hypothesis Testing, 6 months
Hypothesis: within 6 months, create a blog for professional musicians and music lovers in general, reach 200-300 visitors per month from organic traffic, collaborate with online stores, and begin selling home studio products.

We developed a new content-plan with informational articles based on our data-driven insights and a deep understanding of this niche to ensure our strategy is tailored to our goals.

All authors meet our minimum quality standards:
  • Only permanent residents in France (authors were accepted by our proofreader);
  • Knowledgeable in music technology and experienced in the industry;
  • Provided us with examples of info-articles as well as product reviews;
  • Willing to work on a permanent basis and accept our requirements for articles;
  • Reasonable price for 1000 words.

Together with the authors, we brought the articles to perfection, identifying and removing all blind spots and gaps that've been overlooked. The goal was to create a solid content plan that resonates with the audience and outranks rivals. Our team produced high-quality articles with optimized headings, titles, tags and custom images.
Part of the analysis of the home studio niche in France
Stage 2: Updates and External Promotion, 6 months
Six months after the launch, the site reached 300 monthly users and the product articles started ranking high, so we decided to keep working on this project.

  • We updated the articles based on the keys from Google Search Console;
  • Released 20 more informational articles;
  • Built internal linking between old and new content.

  • We promoted our content on niche websites;
  • Secured high-quality and topically relevant links, making redirects and posting links to the main project;
  • Created and promoted social media accounts to raise brand awareness and sign partnerships with other platforms.
Organic search analysis from Google Analytics
Stage 3: Intensive Content Release, January 2022 - Present
One year after the launch, our project reached 15,000 monthly visitors from organic traffic and a stream of new customers.

We worked in a partnership with local and international online stores to promote their products on our website.

  • Our team devised a new content plan for informational and product articles;
  • Chose best strategies to promote the site through link building;
  • Started to develop two new blog directions: an aggregator of annual offline music events and the section with interactive services (calculators, quizzes, forms).
Ahrefs profile, 98,9% of traffic from France
Final Results
Through unforced work on the project and due to successful strategies, we reached 400+ daily visitors during the first year. Around 30 articles were published, and 7 high-quality links were built.

Our immediate goal now: to reach a monthly income of €2000 from affiliate programs.

And also we set up the long-term goal: to rank among the TOP-3 music equipment websites in France.

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